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Depilation specialty esthetics salon

Gifu Prefecture Gifu City east quail 4-36Peach pit 101
TEL. 058-273-8747
Business hours: 11:00~22:00(final receipt: 21:00)

Campaign for allure this month Depilation assistance special price of allure Gifu. It is 2800 yen for five times for one year in the sideward both depilation course.
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  • 2011.7.1Updated information new
  • The campaign in July : in the store pop.!!
  • 2011.6.13
  • The staff blog of ALLURE was updated. The other day's taking a picture photograph is put! Here.!
  • 2011.5.30
  • The staff blog of ALLURE was updated.!Here!
  • 2011.5.22
  • The staff blog of ALLURE was updated.!Here!
  • 2011.5.8
  • The staff blog of ALLURE was updated.!Here!
  • 2011.4.25
  • The staff blog of ALLURE was updated.!Here!
  • 2011.4.14
  • The staff blog of ALLURE was updated.!Here!
  • 2011.3.20
  • In depilation specialty ALLURE, the contribution money fund-raising box will be set up for the Tohoku region Pacific Ocean coast earthquake that occurred on March 11. The relief and condolence money sent from everybody is sent to full amount Japan Red Cross, and used , saying that the capital of victim's help and reconstruction support.
  • 2011.3.14
  • I sincerely visit one, the relative, and parties concerned whom damage met due to the Tohoku region and the Pacific Ocean coast earthquake that occurred the other day. I pray for the end and the revival of ALLUREstaff everyone and prompt damage.
  • 2011.3.1
  • Half the price ofvery popular, optical facial coursecontinuance of campaign in March. !!
  • 2011.2.16
  • Thedivision courseappears in the whole body depilation campaign special price.!
  • 2011.2.14
  • The staff blog of ALLURE was updated.!Here!
  • 2011.2.9
  • The campaign in February is half the price of theoptical facial course.Half the price!!
  • 2011.2.6
  • The inquiry form was able to be done. The light-hearted formHere!
  • 2011.2.3
  • The staff of ALLURE started the blog. The blogHere!
  • 2011.2.1
  • I will inform you of the homepage updated information of ALLURE at any time here.

its hot topic in Gifu...
Beauty salon specialize in Hair removal of resort healing space.

while healing a hearts of teh fatigue everyday life, don`t you remove in safe and low-price Allure

“Safe、Low Price and Easy” is the pursue of Allure beauty salon specialized in hair removal which first priority is about the customer feelings and view of point
The beauty treatment salon hair removal of Allure with the latest equipment is the superior hair removal method that had a beauty effect of the skin with the action to promote a fair skin effect with hair removal.
Moreover, almost no pain during treatment, for armpits・face・V-line will take around 10 minutes per treatment which is very speedy compare to the medical laser hair removal that irradiate single light and it’s the latest method of hair removal that able to remove various types of hair..

Depilation example1Depilation example2

Depilation example Sideward both・Knee Image before hair is depilated Depilation example Sideward both・Knee Image after [hodokojutsu] twice   Depilation example Sideward both・Knee Three time image after [hodokojutsu]

5 popular secret of ALLURE

  •  Almost no pain during treatment even a sensitive skin can take the treatment.
  •  Surprising low price of the result that reflected unnecessary advertisement costs, all the reduction of the maintenance cost to a rate
  •  The space of healing to hark back to an Asian resort, private room system by the complete reservation of the private serious consideration
  •  Hair removal beauty treatment salon of the customer satisfaction most serious consideration with many visitors of review and the repeater.
  •  Admission fee・counseling fee・hair removal test all free of charge. There is no useless additional charges such as a hair removal lotion or the cosmetics sale and worry about the aftercare after the hair removal treatment.
Reservation and Information from telephone(058-273-8747)The reservation and the Internet reservation with web : here. Inquiry and question with mail