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Depilation specialty Esthetic salon

Gifu City higashiuzura 4-36 peach pit 101
TEL. 058-273-8747
Business hours: 11:00~22:00 (The final receipt: 21:00)

For the beginner in Hair Removal

Please teach me the differences with other hair removal salon and beauty treatment salon.

The needle epilation that one by one hair treatment used in major hair removal beauty treatment salon, and the laser hair removal commonly used in clinics that is consuming treatment time, also may be painful but the beauty treatment salon hair removal “ALLUER” is almost painless during the treatment. In addition, because an irradiation range was wide, treatment time was shortened, no longer be a customer waiting. The skin surface is easy to be damage when using razors in self-treatment, but by the treatment that adopted a principle to promote moisture on the skin of “facial” the anti-aging technology when treatment in beauty treatment salon hair removal, has the fair skin effect of smoother skin surface at the same time of hair removal.

Because of poor image of beauty treatment industry, and the hair removal is my first time, there is distrust very much.

Yes. Unfortunately there is some major company and private management without relations to the beauty treatment salon industry, which think about only the profit of the own shop and does not think about the customer position seems to exist.  If there is time, please visit to our salon after went to the other companies’ salon to compare and find the differences between. In additional, please feel free to come to the salon because we are giving free counseling and trial hair removal and surely convinced that customer will be satisfied.

To the customer that not be satisfied at other beauty treatment salons or clinics and gave up with ongoing treatment.

Because of additional charge will cost unlike a telephone and an advertisement, the solicitation during counseling, had a pain and stopped on the way etc., our beauty treatment salon hair removal will solve all the troubles please feel free to consult to us.

Can I take the treatment on that day?

Yes. It is possible if you will be bringing a seal in the first counseling. For the customer request the treatment on that day, please tell our staff when having a reservation on telephone.

I want to take hair removal to the face, but should I need to remove my make up?

Yes. The customer that take a hair removal in face and come to the salon remain the make up will become automatically additional of 【 optical facial course 】, hope you will understand.

I want to take V-line hair removal but what should I do to my hair disposal before I go?

Yes. It is possible to fix the shape with our staff without doing anything, for whom which wants to decide from by her/him self is fine to shave it to the shape before coming to salon. But please refrain from hair removal of the decided part to be epilate by self.

I am teenager can I take the hair removal treatment?

After the free counseling, it’s possible to take treatment if the guardian signed the written consent.


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