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About the latest hair removal method

What kind of hair removal method is the latest beauty treatment salon hair removal of allure?

It is light hair removal that is different from the laser hair removal used in cosmetic surgery and dermatology or needle style hair removal with the acute pain. I think that you will understand the details if you see “the latest hair removal method” “hair removal step”, but our salon was using the latest hair removal machine which is developed originally for facial made in beauty developed country Italy, safe and a fair skin effect is high, and the gel in the treatment become no longer need.

Please teach me the characteristic of the latest beauty treatment salon hair removal of Allure.

1.Hair removal treatment can be done surely at the rate of once every two months.
2.Unlike medical laser hair removal that specializes in thick strong hair, its suitable for every hair quality and skin type.
3.The blood circulation of the skin improves and to be active a moist feeling appears and become smooth skin.
4.Effect for hair removal can effectively by irradiating special light in response to melanin.
5.If it is a range of armpits, the one treatment is completed in about 10 minutes.

What is the difference between the conventional hair removal.

The conventional hair removal (needle hair removal, laser hair removal) was includes a problem of intense pain, a skin burden is big and large amount at the time of treatment in comparison with light hair removal. It is the beauty treatment salon hair removal of our salon that use a latest hair removal equipment of good superior light hair removal of the balance that solved such problems.

What areas of the body can be treated?

Including a sensitive part, its possible basically in all parts. But, in a characteristic of the light hair removal to irradiate it with strong light, it cannot perform the irradiation to eyelids.

How does the pain at the time of the irradiation?

In the beauty treatment salon hair removal in the world today, it’s said the most painless and permanent hair removal method. In fact, there is no one that went home because of pain during the permanent hair removal treatment. A feel to pull with tweezers and briefly referred to the sense. If there is no pain in evidence that was full of heat on skin, this is no used adversely. Try the free consult and free hair removal test once and experience the latest beauty treatment salon hair removal.

Are there any side effects to the skin?

The machine originally developed for the facial, it is cut ultraviolet rays and the infrared rays that are harmful to skin by light to occur. Because the blood circulation of the skin improves by light, it can expect a fair skin effect in combined with a damage reduction effect by the self-treatment to reverse.

How long does it take for one treatment?

If the range of both armpits is about 10 minutes.. Even the hands and feet is about 20 to 30 minutes.

It is permanent?

Currently, even our salon its no longer use the word permanent hair removal by government-affiliated ministries and government offices. In additional, which hair removal method may not assert with permanent hair removal without 100%, because it is difficult to remove all hair even one hair.


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