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About the effect of Hair Removal

I am very hairy, its possible to take hair removal?

The beauty treatment salon hair removal can remove the hair without choosing the type of the hair except white hair. Even thick and have a much quantity of hair, please feel free to come.

It is the downy hair cant take hair removal?

Basically, it’s difficult to hair removal the downy hair which is hard to watch by the naked eye. When the beauty treatment salon hair removal method of our salon hair removal with the hair that is little melanin such as the downy hair because its react for melanin, it takes a number of times. Please understand that there is individual difference in hair quality and quantity of hair.

The hair will not grow in the future anymore?

There is a possibility of hair re-growth by a change of a disease and the hormone balance. Have to understand that there are not hair removal machine and hair removal techniques that can meet the expectation of current hair removal method that is very much, which cant be called 100% about the human body.

By self-processing, a pore turns redness and bumps (shaving pimples), but if I take hair removal treatment it become beautiful & smooth skin?

Yes, it becomes beautiful. Although there are individual differences, but self-treatment decreases sharply by performing the hair removal of our salon, and the symptom that self-healing of the skin rises, the redness and bumps (shaving pimples) did with a turnover become much beautiful for half a year.

Does the hair removal can do on ingrown skin?

Yes, it can. It will take some time, but it is absorbed in the body and exhausted with a waste material in the outside the body, and after hair removal becomes beautiful.


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