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In the case like this can take hair removal treatment?

I have Sensitive skin, but can I take hair removal?

Yes. Our beauty treatment salon hair removal of our salon used the safe light hair removal, which is cut the excessive ultraviolet rays and infrared rays to be harmful to skin. The part that skin hit improves the blood circulation and feels it slightly warmly. Because in the first place the beauty treatment salon hair removal is a latest hair removal machine developed for facial, it may be said that it is the good hair removal method on skin rather than bad.

I have atopic dermatitis but can I undergo the hair removal?

Yes. It will be fine if an atopic symptom is not appear to the part hoped for, but to make sure I recommend to take free hair removal test and free counseling and watch a state. If there have not any problem in particular it will take the hair removal treatment. The customer currently in under treatment, can start the hair removal treatment after the consultation with a family doctor.

For the sun allergies I heard that hair removal cant received, but what kind of symptom will be?

Sun allergy by the diagnosis of the doctor cannot receive hair removal unfortunately in any salon. Because an Sun allergy is the one that is weak at light that is needed a parasol and gloves during the day, it may be said that the hair removal does not have any problem if sunlight during the day does not have any problem in particular..

I use the steroid, but will the hair removal be possible?

When it is steroid use (drinking, application), in a condition that skin is easy to absorb light, hair removal treatment can open a period about 6 months in the case of application.

There is a scar, but will the hair removal of the scar part be possible??

Depending on the scar, but avoid a large scar part, the hair loss of a part becoming keloidal. For more information, please feel free to consult with a counselor specialized in hair removal in charge of the day.

I take the pills, but will the hair removal be possible?

Because an effect of the hair removal may be difficult by hormone balance when taking the hormones such as pills, we recommend that have cut down taking as much as possible during the treatment.

There is a mole, but will the hair removal be possible?

Avoid only the mole part and have the treatment.

During menstruation its possible to take hair removal?

Yes, it’s possible. But, in case of treatment in V. I. O line, please contact us beforehand.


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