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About during treatment and after treatment

If I become pregnant, what will be happen?

When it is become pregnant during a treatment period, we will be suspend the treatment and reopen the number of residues from the first menstruation came after the delivery.

The bath before and after the hair removal treatment is okay?

As for treatment before and after, please refrain from the baths of the day to shut in heat in the body. (as for the shower, it is possible). In addition, before and after treatment please refrain from a sauna, the bedrock bath for similar reason.

Can I drink beverages on the day after the treatment?

Please refrain from the drinking acts of the treatment day. The reduction by half of the hair removal effect, the blood circulation improves, and a trouble may cause.

It is safe to get sun tanning?

For four weeks before hair removal, please wait after treatment if possible for two weeks. Particularly, it cannot take the treatment to the part to feel the hot water such as baths to be hotter.

What should the self-treatment during the hair removal period do?

It is fine to shave with a razors as usual, but please never hair removal in own other than low hair.


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