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Depilation specialty Esthetic salon

Gifu City higashiuzura 4-36 peach pit 101
TEL. 058-273-8747
Business hours: 11:00~22:00 (The final receipt: 21:00)

customer satisfaction is most priority!
Hair Removal Allure born from a change of the needs of the times!

The depilation salon without the morality of arrogant business after the knowledge of the solicitation and the customer with a persistent high-pressure selling the acquaintance introductions such as the extra charge claims and the handling commodities other than the list price in addition to the depilation salon that there is a problem in the effect of depilation and safety is denied etc. prevails, and it becomes a social trouble in recent years.

There is a large amount of money business salon that claims the charge more than the quality of the offered service still pushing the image 'It is cheap and bad' out to all aspects while brand consciousness 'High one sells oppositely' flowing and ending, too. To our regret, a part of depilation salon etc. that assume a list price low price to be sales even if the quality of the service of non-display etc. of the extra charge such as gels that omits a correct depilation procedure is decreased seems to exist, too.

The inside of a store entrance scenery of allure Gifu

However, 'Thing that may be cheap' exists certainly in the world. It might be a very difficult thing to see only the homepage, TVCM, and the coupon magazine and to see through them. The quality of the offered service was not dropped, and it was born to pursue customer's satisfaction rating in the concept and born the first in depilation specialty [esutetei;kkusaron;aryuuru] for a fair price. We will promise the service requested as a depilation specialty store by the customer to be provided the super-at a low price to answer needs of the customer that it wants to polish me in the recession in the world scale by the thing that the charge by advertising expenses such as information magazine of the use of high priced cosmetics more than the necessity and TVCM is not added.

Being possible to say surely is a world where permanent depilation by the latest technology can be done even by this price. If it is possible to come to a store, I can feel a satisfaction certain as for the effect of depilation and the purse.

Hair removal treatment of the security reliable in the private room space that attached great importance to a private.

The treatment room becomes the healing space of Asian resort that attached great importance to the privacy of the visitor and can receive hair removal treatment while being relaxed in a calm atmosphere relaxed in bed.

The first [hodokojutsu] room scenery of allure Gifu

The positive expertise that was particular about only hair loss and the most advanced hair removal machine has been appreciated by many people who experience hair removal. We value counseling to state the skin type・color and hair condition to have customers feel relief to the treatment.

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