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If you say depilation in Gifu is here! The inside of a store image of ALLURE
Depilation specialty Esthetic salon

Gifu City higashiuzura 4-36 peach pit 101
TEL. 058-273-8747
Business hours: 11:00~22:00 (The final receipt: 21:00)

Campaign for allure this month It is 48500 yen for five times for three place one year of [derike-toko-su] V・I・O line of allure Gifu.

solve all the troubles of the pubic hair! Extreme popularity!
sensitive hair removal of Allure!

Care for pubic hair is an appearance of the women!

Delicate depilation of allureGifu is woman's personal appearance. !

The self-processing : in the trouble ・・・ because it is a delicate part.

The self-processing : in the trouble ・・・ It cancels it because of delicate depilation of allure.

Advantage obtained by depilating V line

Because you may not worry about a useless hair of V line etc. about the advantage by depilating V line to begin with, neither the undergarment nor the bathing suit can worry about the design and shape and [kawaii]'s be chosen.

If a sexy thing such as T-back is chosen, V line depilation, I line depilation, and O line depilation are becoming indispensable.

It is red, and the part that is caused the rough dry skin, pulled out, and shaved is neither [nattari], , overplus [yoiko] nor [gaari] in the mussitation often though I who does the useless hair caring of [derike-tozo-n] am.

In addition, it seems to be likely to become the origin of the pigmentary deposit according to circumstances.

In addition, when V line and I line is depilated, it is popular among the reduction of getting stuffy and poisoning at the physiology, and there is an advantage on the hygiene side decrease also itchy etc. and it seems to be secret.

V line (bikini line), I line (Between groins), and O line (interior of hips).
It teaches and everyone's pubic hair.
Everyone's pubic hair before hair is depilated! The depilation of pubic hair is such profitable. !
Why [ru] of the shape of pubic hair
After depilating hair, it is a shape ranking of pubic hair. !
[Kawaii]?Sexily?Ideal type of pubic hair

1st place

It is an upside-down triangle that 1st place is simple and natural as a result of taking the questionnaire with [aryuuru]. It is the one that the shape that had grown now was straightened.

2nd place

2nd place is an oval. It is the one, that is, roundly straighten the borders of the hair, and aimed at the line that doesn't dash out easily from a small undergarment such as T-back.

3rd place

In 3rd place, it is I line type. It is a style that reduces the oval further, and leaves the hair for extent in which an important point is slightly concealed.

It has cared when. ?Pubic hair
When from caring for pubic hair?
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