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facial and become younger by art of anti-aging of ALLURE

Beautification and whitening and effect of transparent feeling improvement anti-aging tightening

The skin trouble such as bristletail [sobakasu] is improved with an optical facial by appropriating effective light for the entire face.

The reproduction of the bristletail and the collagen that has been deposited in the skin is activated, and moreover, original beauty of the bare skin is regained, and it improves it to a youthful bare skin.

An optical facial is effective in the improvements of the opening and the wrinkle etc. of bristletail [sobakasu], the ruddy face, and pores.


& one optical facial cleansing facial cleansing

Cleansing & facial cleansing

Make-up dirt that cannot be washed off by the home caring, dirt of pores, and an extra sebum are beautifully dropped. The turnover falls into disorder, old horny accumulated ..feeling refreshed.. is removed, and it straightens it in a soft, clean state of the skin.

Customer's impression

It was possible to relax with surprising swiftness because of kindly correspondence of the people of [aryuuru] though it felt insecurity because it was the first optical facial esthetics. Feeling * that even dirt that cannot usually be washed off is refreshing


Two optical facial face massage


The flow of the lymphatic vessel is activated by the face massage. Muscles of facial expression that became hard are untied and the skin is vitalized. Please satisfy an agreeable effect of healing.

Customer's impression

The face that had become beautiful because of cleansing & facial cleansing was massaged. It seemed to was a massage along the flow of the lymph, and it was sleeping pleasant.


Three optical facial facial esthetics

Optical facial line..lift up.It leads to a small face that there is acupuncture also in anxious wrinkle and [hourei] line youthful caring.

Customer's impression

It becomes beautiful because of cleansing & facial cleansing, and more and more optical facials in the skin untied by the massage. The effect of tightening of the skin is actually felt as it is faintly warm.


Four optical facial moisture retention packing

[Shime] ..keeping up.. packing

It beautifies and whitens to the skin by the whitening packing of an easy plant constituent and vitamin C mixing. It cares for the subfusc and the dryness of the skin, and it finishes it up in the bare skin with a fresh enriching and a transparent feeling.

Customer's impression

Whitening was packed into the skin that got warm faintly in an optical facial. Feeling * that good thing for skin enters


Liquid introduction of five optical facial beauty massage

Beauty liquid introduction massage

To an original, beautiful face line in a soft massage after it conditions the skin with the beauty liquid matched to the skin type. The tone of the skin is ..lightening.. very popular , saying that "The make-up paste next morning is different".

Customer's impression

The beauty liquid is introduced into the skin that became beautiful, and it is a soft massage and feelings are climaxes. It passes to [aryuuru] twice a month, and reward * ..I.. ..wanting give it...

Optical facial

Yuko optical facial before→after Hashima City living Kanamori in allure Gifu

Yuko Hashima City living Kanamori

Optical facial price list

I introduce five pieces and spelling ten optical facial profitable price lists of allure Gifu. !!

Mechanism and effect of optical facial

Light that is gentle to the skin and effective calls, awakes original beauty of the bare skin, and it improves it to a youthful bare skin.

Working of the fibroblast that produces the element such as collagen will be able to be activated, and to actually feel the change into a beautiful bare skin from the inside.

The feature because of correspondence only to the part in which it worries without damaging the skin is that facial cleansing and the make-up can do at once after the treatment.

Effect of cause and skin trouble improvement of trouble of skin
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