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Depilation specialty Esthetic salon

Gifu City higashiuzura 4-36 peach pit 101
TEL. 058-273-8747
Business hours: 11:00~22:00 (The final receipt: 21:00)

The reservation application in WEB for hair removal from this place

Reservations to the beauty salon specializing in hair removal ALLURE, please call (058-273-8747) WEB booking form accepting or below.

Please read it through before reserving esthetics depilation WEB.

1. attention: Please read the person who uses the WEB reservation.

Recently, the reply to the customer who uses Mail specification reception, spam mail automatic filter, and "Yahoo E-mail" the spam mail measures function etc. is delivered and mail from this salon might not be able ..difficulty.. to be delivered in the mail security in the cellular phone and PC because it is impossible. Especially, the possibility to be annulled must be high, and the reservation mail to allow me to send it here must confirm "Spam mail folder" to "Spam mail folder" again automatically as it is about "Yahoo E-mail". The customer who uses "Yahoo E-mail" is recommending the reservation by the telephone directly. In telephone receipt time will being to spend time very much when 48 hours have passed since WEB was reserved and there is no reply mail from this salon(Am11 o'clock?Pm21 o'clock)I wish well because I allow me to correspond at once if ..smell.. calling can be gotten.

2. About the free counseling time required

Please want to answer your worry and consultation as much as possible, and let me firmly do the counseling and the skin diagnosis because the current state is firmly understood and I hit depilation [hodokojutsu] in the desire that it wants to get it actually feeling the part to which the change firmly comes and with pleasure. Counseling first time?It gets it basing even the skin diagnosis for about 30 minutes at time. Whether about one total hour when even all depilation [hodokojutsu] first time is included in the skin without trouble afterwards by the customer's hopeIt requires it for about one and a half hours. When it is possible to come to a store with room, it is great though this time changes depending on your worry, hope part, and doubt question.

3. Free counseling?To the skin diagnosis

First of all, I will allow me to explain plainly as long as the charge of the profitable content etc. of the course that mechanism, cycle of coming to a store, can frequency of coming to a store it, thing of the special depilation done with depilation specialty [esutetei;kkusaron;aryuuru] while firmly understanding your worry and hope by a free counseling, and thing that cannot be done and your worry includes can explain, and answer the doubt and the question everything. There is returning at this point if it is not possible to do, and to consent even here. After it contracts by your hope, receiving depilation [hodokojutsu] first time as it is becomes possible when you who was aware let me execute the free test depilation that holds the skin diagnosis concurrently, and the counsellor of the depilation specialty judges it is unquestionable for the skin.

4. Asking to person who reserves depilation

Depilation specialty [esutetei;kkusaron;aryuuru] regards one customer one who entered depilation [hodokojutsu] very importantly. ..prior telephone.. the counseling first time reservation by thinking because it is a complete appointment system to the first your privacy The WEB reservation is needed. Please continue your favors toward the prior report by telephone without fail sorry to trouble you, but when delaying for five minutes or more at the counseling reservation time.

Test..depilation..that day..contract..once..eye..receive.

Please have the stamp to stamp it on the agreement when you hope for the contract on that day of the test depilation.

6. Please specify even the second choice on the reservation day.

Please fill in the hope date and the hope location. Moreover, the second choice can be filled in after the schedule is changed, and the reservation can be received with No.1 choice almost surely.

7. About reserved change and cancellation

Please contact reserved cancellation and change me by reserved 5:00PM (17 o'clock) of the day before.

TEL. 058-273-8747

Please acknowledge being likely being likely to become a digestion on the first in the course at the that day cancellation.

Depilation reservation form

Please reserve it after filling in a necessary matter to the following. (* The sign is a required item. ))

Item Filling in column
Name   Externals
There is not falling   Externals
Mail address 
Age  [Sai]
※- For the minority, the agreement of the guardian and the person in parental authority is needed. Please confirm it in detail when you come.
Home phone number  
※Even the cellular phone is acceptable when there is no landline.
Mobile phone number  
※Telephone number to which report attaches on day or that day before it comes to a store. It must not be when I am allowed to call the telephone from this salon staff when the desired date cannot be taken and I must not make a mistake.
[Hodokojutsu] hope part *  
※- Plurals can be selected.

Worry consultation part 
※Plurals can be selected.

The first desired date  Year month day
※Please specify the date after the second from today.
Second choice day  year month day
※Please specify the date after the second from today.