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Gifu City higashiuzura 4-36 peach pit 101
TEL. 058-273-8747
Business hours: 11:00~22:00 (The final receipt: 21:00)

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Staff introduction of allure Gifu

Staff introduction

Staff in allure Gifu1 keika yano Previously, I have gone to the hair removal salon, I gave it up because it was painful and difficult to go for the amount of money in a long term. But still I want to take hair removal to become beautiful and I knew the existence of ALLURE. In fact, no pain that I worried about, the expense was inexpensive that I was impressed and could go without reasonably. I thought that ALLURE could recommend it to the pains with various troubles and uneasiness so far to the customer with confidence and decided to work to help them in this salon. Now I work in ALLURE with confidence to every one who has various troubles for hair removal.

Beauty adviser Yano

Staff in allure Gifu2 erika inui Thank you for always using Beauty salon ALLURE specialized in hair loss. Everyone always ask a question like, “Why are so cheap?” “It is fine to be so cheap?”  For me actually, I’ve seen so far ALLURE was an expenses without reasonably feel free to go which I honestly surprised the most. When hear about hair removal, I think that there is many people with the image of costly and to be hard to go to visit. However, hair removal in ALLURE to teens, 20s or students and housewives to just like going to the beauty parlor and nail salon, please think through and spending money freely in the sense, and it is with the amount of money setting that the burden does not suffer from without unreasonableness. Is the effect true with this amount of money? That there is some one will thinks, but because in ALLURE introduces the latest hair removal equipment that would be satisfy the customer always. Please looking forward.

Beauty adviser inui

Staff in allure Gifu3 manami katsuno I worked before in a certain beauty treatment salon, but felt a question with normal to the hard sell or solicit and I felt quality conscience. Therefore I was not able to do the sincere waiting on customers that thought about a customer first priority. At that time I have the offer from the owner of ALLURE, no solicitation, not a hard sell, and sympathized with a way to assume the salon’s motto of the principle of customer first priority and felt charm. “Solicitation is not?” “Not hard sell?” etc., the there is a customer feeling uneasy to think in various way, but we promise that “invitation, the solicitor” will not do in ALLURE. What may be any small problem, please feel free to contact us. The problem of every one can be settled and looking forward to visit us.

Beauty adviser katsuno

Staff in allure Gifu4 risa kamiya Thank you for always using Beauty salon ALLURE specialized in hair removal. I think that a lot of people having concern and a worries about the hair removal, but ALLURE guide you in any kind of worries of the customer kindly and have come to the salon in relief. To a person to be hard to talk very much about the problem of their body, to have you feel relived all the staff lead the solution for everyone with a smile and guide the hair removal method that fit for you. Please contact us even an any little thing. We are looking forward to see you.

Beauty adviser Kamiya

Staff in allure Gifu5 ikumi watanabe Be concerned about unwanted hair and become darker and chapped skin when pull out the hair with tweezers and shave it with a razor, and which many people have a problem about it right? We hear a voice often like, “It can really remove the hair that became thick and dark cause of self-treatment?” “After shaving too much and the skin stayed black, will become beautiful?” but ALLURE used the latest equipment called “ light hair removal.” Light hair removal is response to the black thing, the skin which turn black and pigmented can regain beautiful skin like newborn skin. For the people have interested in hair removal so far but not able to readily step forward, we convinced that you think that you choose the right salon in ALLURE.

Beauty adviser Watanabe

Staff in allure Gifu6 rie ozeki Thank you for using Beauty treatment salon ALLURE specialized in hair removal. Have spend the space of healing to the customer happily and we are working everyday to learn how to feel the effects of hair removal as soon as possible. Please don’t worry for the customer that busy with everyday life and running out of time. Armpits or face Or V-lie are only takes around 10 minutes. For the busy people that the several minutes takes to the unwanted hair treatment is piled up and become enormous time, and the great damage to the skin is also duet to self-treatment. I recommend the hair removal by all means at this opportunity.

Beauty adviser ozeki

Staff in allure Gifu7 asami hori Hi, my name is Hori the esthetician. This time in the many hair removal salons, thank you for visiting our salon home page. Every women have been troubled with the hair removal once, isn’t? I think that there is such variety like, which salon is good, if there is a pain, the hair removal is neatly, and can I go with relief. Our salon solves such a problem of the customers and makes the customer to go in relief. In ALLURE, turn over a new leaf in the way of the conventional beauty treatment salon and the specialty salon which can take hair removal in relief in a motto on the principle of customers first priority. We will work to help you become more beautiful. Fullest support as hard as possible, please feel free to consult us. We will looking forward to your visit.

Beauty adviser hori

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