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Depilation specialty Esthetic salon

Gifu City higashiuzura 4-36 peach pit 101
TEL. 058-273-8747
Business hours: 11:00~22:00 (The final receipt: 21:00)

The troublesome waste hair processing, skin roughness
     with the razor is settled all for beauty treatment salon hair removal of Allure

3 popular points of the latest beauty treatment hair removal salon

  • 1.There is no pain during hair removal treatment.
  • • There is no worry about pain such as the convectional needle hair removal and laser hair removal.
  • 2.In the case of hair removal treatment, it is not necessary to grow hair
  • • It is OK in the state that shaved hair as usual on the day of treatment!
  • 3.It is the latest permanent hair removal method also has a fair skin effect.
  • • It can expect a fair skin effect with hair removal because it is the hair removal method using the light that is effective for the skin that can use for facial treatment.


Serving scenery in acceptance of allure Gifu to customer

Arrival at reception

When you open the entrance door, proceed to the front desk of Beauty treatment salon specialized in hair removal Allure. Beauty treatment salon specialized in the hair removal that refined healing space of another world spreads out with the outside such as the Asian resort. Because the spirited staff invites you with a smile at the reception desk of the beauty treatment salon specialized in this hair removal, even that it was tense in the first beauty treatment salon can be relaxed immediately.

Customer's impression

Before entering the shop, I felt uneasiness very much in my first beauty treatment salon but I was able to be relaxed in no time by kind correspondence of the staff of ALLURE.


Free counseling scenery to customer in allure Gifu

Free counseling

By free counseling, a beauty consultant of beauty treatment salon specialized in hair removal Allure stands in the situation of the customer and explain it until assent goes about structure and hair growth cycle of the hair removal.

Customer's impression

I have no knowledge about hair removal but I was relief because the staff of Allure counseled me all carefully in detail. I was impressed very much because there were no heavy invitation and solicitor that I worry the most.



Free test depilation scenery to customer in allure Gifu

Free hair removal test of relief

Allure make sure to take free hair removal test to check customers skin type and if there is no allergy before beginning the treatment for hair removal. Even sensitive skin can take hair removal treatment safely. This is the reliable system of beauty salon specialized in hair removal of Allure that thought about a customers to the first.

Customer's impression

Because I have the hair removal test for free before the treatment, even its my first time I was able to begin hair removal treatment in relief.


Depilation [hodokojutsu] scenery to customer in allure Gifu

Less Pain hair removal treatment begins.

Beauty treatment salon specialized in hair removal ALLURE adopts “the latest beauty hair removal treatment” that is the machine originally developed for facial (face treatment), it can expect fair skin effect with hair removal, and a pore is tightened, and become slick and smooth skin. Also painless during hair removal treatment, for an armpits hair removal “only take around 10 minutes”. It’s completed surprisingly in short time.

Customer's impression

I was surprised because the actual treatment takes quickly and there was no pain that I worried. I’m also very satisfied without any redness and conscientious until the aftercare.


[Nu]-back and nape hair scenery to customer in allure Gifu

The hair removal of back and nape having very difficulty in unwanted hair removal by self become possible.

The hair removal of sensitive around the mouth and bikini line can achieve the slick and smooth skin by “beauty hair removal treatment of beauty treatment salon specialized in hair removal ALLURE. Also we are recommended our beauty treatment salon specialized in hair removal of hair removal treatment to the customer concerned about unwanted hair exposed when worn a low rise pants.

Customer's impression

Originally my skin is sensitive and considerably uneasy, but this I can go in peace because I can be relieved by the courteous professional treatment of staff and was over without a pain immediately

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