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Depilation specialty Esthetic salon

Gifu City higashiuzura 4-36 peach pit 101
TEL. 058-273-8747
Business hours: 11:00~22:00 (The final receipt: 21:00)

introduce the experiences of the visitors

A lot of saying, "I should have come earlier". Please come to the store for free counseling, free test hair removal once without being troubled alone.

Experience person's voice


『Glad to have met painless hair removal』

Customer requirements of allure Gifu1 yuki fukutani Previously, I wanted to do hair removal and went to the famous salon for free counseling. The hair removal method of that shop is needle hair removal, because it was the method inserting a needle in pores one by one and to carry away electricity, which is I cant bear the pain and its said that the charges will takes nearly 650,000 so I gave up thought that I could not pay such a large amount of money for the painful hair removal. When I saw the rate of the salon I thought, “Can it really remove the hair with such a low price?” but because I wanted to take hair removal from a long time I go for counseling to challenge once again in this salon, the time of treatment was fast without a pain unlike the hair removal method of the former salon, and decided to take a hair removal in this salon. Because I gave up the hair removal all the time, I am really glad to be able to know this salon.

Armpits hair removal two years course・below knee hair removal two years course・V-line hair removal two years course・lower back hair removal two years course

Ms. Yuki fukutani/25 years old・ Restaurant duty

『Glad that there is no pain!! I’m look forward to an effect of every treatment』

Customer requirements of allure Gifu2 tie mizuno A friend went there and has been recommended because it was cheap and did not have a pain at all. Its really cheap but there was uneasiness if there is not an effect even its cheap. Even they say that not have a pain in it, I thought it was painful coz I am weak at the injection. For the time being I take the armpits hair removal course but because there was no pain and was cheap I changed it into the full body hair removal course

Full body hair removal one year course・V-line hair removal one year course.

Ms. Chie Mizuno/ 23 years old・Office worker

『 It was good that the staff was easy to talk to』

Customer requirements of allure Gifu3 hitomi kanematsu I will go to here by the introduction of my friend. Its not that mean that I do not rust my friend, but I am uneasiness because there was not a so too low price very often, spoke frankly I was not interesting too much. And went to counseling with a friend. I was in charge to Ms. Yano. There was only distrust like; Do you do business at the start? Do you forced various things? But there was oneself relieved to talk with Ms. Yano happily in some way when finished counseling. I thought to go because I thought that I could do it with this person in a relief

Full body hair removal two years course・V-line hair removal two years course・ Under nose hair removal two years course

Ms. Hitomi Kanematsu/ 24 years old

『Now it is my healing space』

Customer requirements of allure Gifu4 motoko kojima I just finished the third session of the full body hair removal course now. Honesty I was ashamed to take the full body hair removal course at this age, but it is glad of the charge is fixed and will seen in only that person and talking not to let you feel age although being young. The treatment is end with another two sessions, feel a bit lonely when I cant meet her again…. Thank you very much for the talking with me and hear my story seriously. Now it is my healing space. For everyone what to become beautiful and healed, please go to enjoy the space of the lady.

Full body hair removal one year course

Mrs. Motoko Kojima/41 years old・House wife

『Thought it’s cheap, I am unexpectedly satisfied very much』

Customer requirements of allure Gifu5 ryouko ogura I was most worried about, “it is okay in such a cheap price?”. Other salons are doing it in O hundred thousand with a full body treatment. I went to the salon for the feeling to hear only a story by free counseling at first at all, but decided hair removal with polite explanation of the staff of the salon and the good point of the atmosphere. The hair removal is not pain and its good. Now I go in relief. I want to recommend it to the person who thinks to take hair removal treatment but don’t have enough money.

Upper arms hair removal 2 years course・Below knees hair removal 2 years course・ Armpits hair removal one year course

Ms. Reiko Ogura/25 years old・ Housemaid


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